Act of Valor Shot with Canon’s 5D Mark II

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Friday, February 24, 2012

By: Rey Hunt

Act of Valor

The Canon 5D Mark II is leveling the playing field for Indy filmmakers who want to compete with the big budget films of the motion pictures industry.   The movie, Act of Valor, utilized the 5D Mark II’s 28.6 oz (body only) to shoot many of it’s up-close-and-personal action sequences.  The small and mobile form factor of the Mark II and the quality of the cinematic image were motivating factors.


“Because the Canon 5D Mark II is so light weight, we were able to defy conventional motion picture camera physics and capture a high-quality cinematic image, which ultimately looked incredible on a 100-foot theatrical screen,” said director of photography, Shane Hurlbut.

Canon 5d_mark II

Although price was not mentioned as a factor I can only imagine that it played a part in the decision making process.  The Mark II cost around $2,499.00 for the body only from Canon’s website.   While comparable alternatives for cinematographers, like Red’s Scarlet or Canon’s EOS C300, can cost an excess of $11,000 just to start, with out the necessary lens or rigs for a professional production.


The Mark II was not originally intended as a tool for price conscious cinematographers.  The camera’s functionality is more consistent for journalist who may need a brief burst of video to accompany a story.


Filmmakers have been able to adapt this new breed of affordable DSLR’s like the Mark II to make movie magic.

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